Paid Sick Days
Parent Voices’ leader Mary Ignatius and son Noah.

Family Leave

Support affordable, accessible, and secure leave for all family caregivers.

Learn more and take action to expand leave for family caregivers in California.

Learn more about California’s Paid Family Leave program.

Paid Family Leave
AFSCME member Donald Bentley is a family caregiver for
his quadriplegic brother George Bentley.

Family Caregivers

Fight discrimination against those with caregiving responsibilities.

Learn more about SB 404, which would add “familial status” to the list of characteristics, such as race, sexual orientation, and that are prohibited bases of discrimination under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Paid Sick Days
ATU Local 192 member Rebecca Jones protests Walmart’s paid sick days policy.

Other Campaigns

Support California’s working families.

Learn about the bill to extend basic rights and protections to domestic workers, AB 241.

Assure the employment rights of victims of domestic violence, SB 400.